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Dissertation defense seminar

posted May 9, 2019, 10:10 AM by Jesse Coleman
A member of the AKNGF research team, Jesse Coleman, recently defended her dissertation research on fisheries policy and change in the Bristol Bay fisheries. Follow the link below to watch the video recording of the public seminar.

Abstract: In Bristol Bay, people and salmon have been connected for thousands of years. Over the past two centuries, waves of intense change (e.g., colonization, rapid industrial growth of the fishery, global political and ideological shifts, salmon run failures, price crashes, and cultural changes) have profoundly affected salmon-centered livelihoods in the region. In this public seminar, I show that significant and concerning trends—including the aging of the commercial fishing fleet, increased barriers to entry into the fishery, and the loss of locally held fishing rights— stem from fisheries policies and an underlying worldview that are mismatched to Bristol Bay’s fishing culture and communities. I will examine how lives and livelihoods surrounding salmon in the region have changed through time and I’ll highlight the opportunities that exist for all of us to support the next generation of fishing livelihoods in Alaska.